Wound Care Central NewYork

Wound Care Center Syracuse NY


St. Joseph’s Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine exists to help people heal wounds. It is a comprehensive. outpatient wound care center serving Syracuse and the central New York region.


The staff of this center includes physicians, podiatrists, nurses, technicians and support staff, all dedicated to providing advanced wound care.


Despite the fact that their patients often have multiple medical problems and have typically failed treatment elsewhere, the vast majority (over 90% in one recent quarter) of people who come to this center are able to heal their wounds.


Wound care centers provide help for people with very challenging situations. Most wounds heal without much difficulty. When that doesn’t happen, it means that something has gone seriously wrong. Problems such as diabetes, heart problems, poor circulation, kidney failure, poor nutrition and more can all halt healing. Proper treatment means not only caring for the wound but addressing any associated problems as well.


A number of specialized treatments might be used. These include:


  • Advanced wound dressings individualized to a given wound
  • Wound debridement
  • Nutritional support and supplementation
  • Negative pressure therapy
  • Total contact casting
  • Biologic skin grafts
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Compression wraps
  • Offloading mattresses


Most often, multiple forms of treatment will be needed to get the best possible results. That’s why the St. Joseph’s Center for Wound Care offers such a wide range of treatment options.


You can find more information about each of these treatments on different pages on this site.


The center focuses solely on outpatient care. It is located in the Northeast Medical Center in Fayetteville, NY and is opened five days a week (Monday through Friday) from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.


For an appointment, please request a referral from your physician or call the center at: (315) 329-7770.